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  • Tёma

    Chamillionare is one of the realest out there.. down to earth talented dude.

  • fed_life

    good shit XXL! Koopa is one of the realest. He truly loves is music! And respects hip-hop to the fullest!

    It’s good to see an artist that passionate about his craft!

  • The_Truth

    It’s upsetting Cham is so slept on by the public. . .ridin dirty gave him a “commercial” look, but he’s far more than that. . .


    i feel him on wat sayin. gud 2 hear dat hes passionate bout wat he doin unlyk most rappers dese dayz

  • texasleen

    its koopa…they diss cause he doesnt cuss…im thinkn throwed

  • Neven

    he one of the few left that cares about the game his last album was underrated just because he kept the same formula

  • $ykotic

    Cham is one of them dudes where money didnt change him. He is actually stepping up to be a leader for his hometown. Got nothing but respect and support for his cause. And he do make that trunk bump!

  • ShowTime

    I be loving these interviews but I wsh they were longer.

  • ri067953

    Yo, sounds like Cham is bout to enter the fight of his life! Too bad, non-sense rappers like Wayne get all the light when you have an intelligent, dedicated, artistic rapper like Cham is struggling to get his respect.

  • V Savage

    Chamilly is one of the realest, if not THE realest dudes out right now! I’ve been bumpin his shit since he came out with a cd with Paul Wall. And in every song, homie keeps it real. XXL you should put THE MIXTAPE MESSIAH on your next cover cause homie is much more then just the sales and the top 10 singles, he is one of the most talented lyricists out there, dude even sings his own hooks!!! Seattle to Houston all day!

  • Rodjilius

    he right tho only niggas in texas i even hear is cham, bun b, and scarface and really u dont hear a whole lot from face and cham but im definately lookin for another chamillionaire album 08 has been a good year for music


    Everybody tells me i look like that dude. lOl. They call me Chamillionaire.

  • balaramesh

    you have to respect cham, regardless if you like his music (i do).

    he made over 10 mill last year on the low. is mad humble and loves and respects the game. not many rappers can say that. they just want to get their money by all means

  • narry

    im proud to say i bought ultimate victory and have all the mixtape messiah series so far I’ll always support him because he’s a true artist


    he a real nigga. respect

  • jerm

    mad respect for cham!! and forget the rest of texas if they dont wana come together- rep the south wit UGK, T.I. n Luda n Weezy!!

    im waitin on that MM5 and 08 Album!!

    Stay Killin Em!! Chamillitary Mayne!!!

  • realdeal

    put me on dawg cause i get it

  • BiggCnote_Watts103

    niggas better stop sleeping on Koopa he one of the only Texas niggas bringing originality to the game, real hip-hop not that “Ricky Bobby” bullshit

  • Quincy

    If thats not Pac speaking from the grave, than what is. This young man was grindin for years before “ridin dirty”, he’s speaking what most of these “superstars Hood *iggas” , have forgotten about. The grind, really keepin it street without the BS. This is what most of us listen to rap for, the hunger, the need to succeed, motivation, as Tip put it. Comng from nothing to something. You cant knock it like Jay said. Bottom line, we need more like him. Our musical genius is gone, MJ may he rest in peace. Who’s gonna step up to the plate, I would say, Cham is in the running amongst many, but who will we as a people support. Thats whats really up.