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  • Peru (Chicago)

    Damn I know I probably shouldn’t be commenting on a niggas appearence, but shit, homeboy neck was going thru some stuff…I know the feeling, shaving is a bitch…but DAMN!!! Don’t really like these cats music but I like the direction and the attitude they have towards the industry…Keep it movin!

    • 239allday

      If yall niggas is on some Africa razor bumps, say fuck the razor. and say hello to the buzzclipper. Do yall white people see what black people go through. I aint never seen no white boy wit razor bumps.

    • Ron Mexico

      razor bumps AKA “the black man’s curse”

  • themovingsidewalk

    i fucks with (no Farnsworth) the dark skinted nigga

  • Peru (Chicago)

    I dont use a razor and my neck is no where near looking like that. I get a bump here and there even using the clippers…I gotta get these new clippers made for black people’s skin, its fuckin amazing!!!

  • Bol

    I don’t know if I can take a rapper seriously, if his neck isn’t smooth.

  • Peru

    LOL @ Bol…is that because the 2 “best rappers alive” (JayZ & Lil Wayne) never hit puberty and are incapable of growing facial hair???

  • te noh

    I can’t take these guys seriously because Naledge is a straight pussy. His homeboy Double O got fucked up by some people in a club, and Naledge STOOD there taking PICTURES instead of helping his boy. I have no problem with hipster rap, but I will not condone that kind of bitchassness. I don’t care if you went to an Ivy League school or if you were trying to set up a lawsuit or some bullshit: roll your fucking sleeves up and protect your homeboy! And, this shit just happened. What up XXL? How are you going to run this video drop now, and not mention the news? And . . . 1 + 8 does equal 9.

  • Silverback Gorilla

    I never really check’d on these cats.. to hell w/ what they look like.. only chics get to comment on shit like dat. I’ll see what Naledge got to offer soon.

  • no hate

    Zoom out! No close ups! That looks soooooo painful!!! Dermotologists apply here. Proactive, a must. Quit pickin’ at ‘em or at least keep your hands clean! Hot towels. Spa treatments. No clippers. Hire a personal assistant and make that their only job. Sterilized tweezers and boo-coo alcohol. Do somethin’ until that gets under control, pleeeeease. Oh, and good with the whole rap thing, both o’ y’all…

  • 350

    wow i think it is a place in the game for catrs like this…N.i.g.g.a.s. please wake up

  • Antonio

    damn smash them razor bumps that shit look painful