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  • KQ

    one of the true GOATs.

  • Young Swagger

    A East Coast legend in it’s purest form. Kool G Rap is still one the illest dudes that can spit a nasty 16 bars with no problem. Him and Rakim are still in pretty good form considering how long they been in the game. Dude was right about the lyricist being overshadowed in this era of hip hop. Idk what the hell is goin’ on, but some of this bullshit needs to cease. I love the south but they got ALOT of corny ass dudes who can’t spit a dope 16 if they life was on the line. NY dudes need to start trendsetting again instead of biting of the south’s beats ans swagger. We East cost baby and the sun rises on this side.

  • Three4

    Kool G Rap is one of the best ever…check out Roots of Evil to know what I´m talking about if u don´t know already!

  • Mr. Skull Game.

    G. Rap is highly underrated, he is 1 Of the true LEGENDS of the game! ALL RESPECT DUE!

  • Burnout

    Real words from a real rapper. Kool G Rap is definitely one of the greatest of all time, and will continue to be until the end of time.

  • The_Truth

    “There’s so many audiences because of the different forms of it. . .but at the end of the day its all hip-hop” — SO STOP HATING ON SOULJA BOY! I also agree when he said “NY rappers were trend setters because they didnt follow the same persona” THE SOUTH IS NOW ALL THE SAME!

  • The-ROD

    yea i havent listened to Kool G Rap much at all but i kno a lil bit of his history and i kno of his talent and he’s definately right niggas nowadays seem to have gotten stupid nobody wants to really listen to the rhymes just a good beat and catchy hook. a good beat and catchy hook can make a hit single but a good beat great hook good lyrics and meaning makes a classic

  • http://myfacerecords byrd

    what Cool G is spitting is the truth these day peps have to dumb it down just so that the masses can understand and if you go deep people cant feel that deep vibe your rideing to I’m an older man still puffing on hiphop as if were the rocks in my crackpipe like Kwest states we cook cut to move it so when i hear a verse that just goes 1,2 & 1,2 and you dont stop give it a beat and a good hook thats whats im feeling cause most of the crossover these’s days really are just pure crap i’m a down south nigga and to me the south might be running shit but they are running shit after it was”( ILL made with a matic effect in a N.Y. State of mind went numb so to all the real MC’s please stand up onelove with one mic can rock this world all threw the night)”