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  • loony T

    B Gizzle is that nigga. Hope he do his thang

  • robin hood

    yeah,yeah,mane i look at all these southern rappers and i see that the nawf side took over rap and hiphop fuh a minute but thats coo!if ya aks me i say t.i.s,camp and bgizzle and his camp some real dudes just like jeezy and his camp ya heard me!?and rap and hiphop aint dead we just low down fuh a minute but thats aight because every body know rap and hiphop will always be around! I heard some rumors talkin bout rap and hiphop wus turnin in to more pop nowadayz…. yeah man thats a bunch of bull shit lyes dont always believe wut ya heard on da streets cuz itlle lead u in da wrong directiong!!!

  • Noah

    he acts like a fien

  • rico

    Props to xxl for hookin us up w/ this interview. I hope this new album is better than the last.

    ps. hows his status with juve? or wayne?

  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    Really looking foward to B.G. album. He that nigga! Gizzle always come through with that real street gangsta shit. One of the best out the South. Don’t sleep on this nigga. “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood” ,going to be off the chain!

  • Bol

    >he acts like a fien

    Oh, that’s no act!


    I was about to say the same thing…SYMPTOMS OF A DOPE FIEN.



  • Caine

    C’mon ya’ll, everybody know Gizzle use to be on dat shit. Ya’ll should focus on da niggas music instead of his personal life. Real Spit.

    Ima cop his new shit…

  • og bobby j

    he act like he still on the pipe….his hand stays in motion…..i bet if we checked his thumbs…they would have madd burn marks….crackhead


    he wouldn’t have burn marks he was on heroin but still he one of the tightest niggas out then and now gizzle the heart of the streetz

  • sleep

    He said hes sober but hes been a fien since he was 14. So i think the way hes acting just stuck with him. But i believe hes clean. I was a huge b.g fan and i kept buying his albums hoping he would grow but it neva came. I didnt buy the last 2 im gonna buy this one lets see what happends.

  • ddubbzz

    That nigga goneeeeeeeeeeee man

  • tzdagod

    Shit I fuxxxx wit BG, been my dude since chopper city da album. But he still got them tendencies.

  • mike kelso

    b gizzle my nigga me and my cuzzo’s hold him down while he here in detroit but anyways thats my dogg he’s not a fiend he just blow purp

  • keysopendoors

    That nigga “ITCHIN” for some of that “GOODY”. If anybody know anything about HEROIN, thats a HAAAAARRRDDDD DRUG TO KICK, that shit is a lifetime battle especially for him bcuz he started as a teenager!



  • BIGTYME254

    Much luv 2 B.G. but why he hook up with that ho t.i.?



  • the truth

    If Wayne is really 27 and Baby is about 37 how old is B.G. for real. I would guess 29-31. I point this out because it seems every entertainer lies about their real age.


    Wow! SO that’s what a CRACKHEAD looks like?

  • DingDongThaBitchIsDead

    Why do I get the feeling if this Jig sells Gold he’s gonna smoke like he went Platnium…

  • 1ofAkind

    He moves like he’s still a knock. I hope he not going back to that “boy”.

    side bar: A knock is a dope fiend if you didn’t catch the colloquialism

  • SWAG

    this basehead look stupid & sound stupid…I cant believe people support this loser…im not feelin this guy at all…all that gangsta trap shit is played out…everybody is a gangsta now…its like you cant make it in hip hop unless you sold drugs…every rapper is a ex drug dealer…its played out man.

  • da fuck

    i think some of you niggas really be looking hard to find something. i dont see this nigga itching. if you have seen a real fien you know they dont act like this.. xxl got some of the most hating ass niggas on the net period. imma cop this nigga cd. i watched the video to hear what he had to say not to watch his hands. some gay ass niggas on here

  • accurate

    is it me, or has ma nigga B. Gizzle become one of the most twitchiest niggas since he stopped doin heroin?

  • missile 6

    boy, u nothin ass niggas hate on everything if a nigga to fly, yall hate, nigga look gutta, yall hate. too many goddamn crabs in this world wanted to pull somebody else down. u niigas all got problems, quit judging that man. some of you same cats thats hating be tooting yall nose, or ya moms smoke or ya peoples smoke. stop hating, Jesus the shit is getting to be a real epidemic.

  • YouKno

    Dude had real problems…but that heroin alreadly got his nervous system gone. One must ask the question…if you have used as much shyt as he has, how would u be holdin up?

  • damn

    He’s alright and everything. His Chopper City album was dope. But that nigga straight on H. The dude can barely keep his eyes open.

  • Nero

    keep doin ya thang

  • 5yearslockdown

    if yall real gizzle fans he say on the first album when he was 14 he shoot dope. its a battle. but lil do yall know its fuck up who did dat tp him. bird man

  • Trapbaby & Caddydaddy

    B.G. is a mothafuckin visionary fo real. He branded copper city on his body so much that he is the Nolia! He is one the most gutter and prolific pioneers of this day. Anything he fucks w/ turns into gold. I’m on the same shit he on. Tryna expose my city to the mainstream. Tryna proliferate our culture on some movement shit. Savannah is gonna be GA’s next Mecca.
    Catch Me While I’m a Local Nigga series
    Fuck w/ da music


    Niggas Mammie must be proud…

  • fRED vEGAS$

    Bg is real nigga i cant wait for his shit to drop. most these phonies copy cat this guy

  • tha biz

    i fux wit choppa city

  • iLL

    fiend or not. B.G is in the category of a (real) rapper. Not that cookie cutter bull alot of you internet hip hop heads into. Dude is from the street, and speaks from the street.


    hell tha whole world like lil wayne and he a coke head so wuts tha difference

  • roccocaine

    leave da nigga alone !!!!! im pretty sure half of y’a'll are on som muh fuckin drugz too!!!!

  • Trickdd


  • Rodjilius

    BG i havent really heard from him in a bit i hope his new cd will be hot i still havent heard his last cd wit chopper city cuz i gotta hurry up and listen to it

  • mind

    main this time outa year b.g. couldnt disapoint no body wit the 2 hood 2 be holly wood a speciely on majors so if he did for example dats like disapointing him self in other words he aint rockin like dat yessir so b.gizzle got no choice this time but take it to the battle of were he kinda fell off ya heard me the best album he had was dat livin legend then vol 1 hots life after cash money was hot but it felt like it was a laid back album donttalk to me was clasik fareal though!!!!! b.g. do yo thang homey 2007 yo year son!

  • Fire

    OK, BG quit heroin after starting at a young age and is lucky to be alive. Remember, Frankie Lymon got introduced to heroin at 15 and died at 25.

    But what’s more important is the music, the quality of which we should be judging him on. I hope he comes correct with his new CD because he’s a decent rapper and I enjoy the music he makes. I’m sick of people judging other people based on their past mistakes. It’s wrong, played out, and fucked up. Anyway, good luck BG. Do your thing.


    yall mufuckas talk all dat shit on da internet but if yall was in b.gizzle face yall would b all ova his dick so u bitch ass internet hoes need to get dat shit in order n come harder

  • Stuckfresh

    Man do any of you fuck niggaz remember how b.g used to look back in 97 to 99? that nigga use to look like shit! He look like he he got his weight and his money up!! B.G that nigga!! He need to slap the shit out of Vl mike!!!

    • Ya boy Polo, oh no.

      What the bizness be wit VL Mike?

  • M4

    That was a terrible interview but yea, B.G. cool.

  • T.M.D

    who cares wut u niggas say,
    B.G. aint tha best rapper out but he hot n he my favorite rapper

  • king_of_gq

    Jim jones got some of the biggest ballz in america…

  • 804

    Glad to hear B.G. about to drop another album, I always pull for the underdawg but I dont think B.G. will continue to be the underdawg for long. Good move working with T.I., I continue to expect big things from the two of them.

  • Cara

    Much love to yall for doing that interview…I have a hip hop Magazine myself called voice magazuine I love to hear artist making a come back


  • snack attack

    i love BG’s music, especially when he’s got manny on the track. i think he’s mostly nervous talkin on camera, touchin his face and all, but it definitely seems like he’s got a little more than usual. still, the dudes got a great voice.

  • kirbrock

    cmon now b-gizzle the hoodest out

  • Biggie

    B.G. needs to holla @ juve & fresh & make a real hit fo real, keep doin ur thang B.G.

  • murray

    for u hating bitches. my dude mite do his thang but he al ways come through wit dat gansta shit. oh and weezy noutt here wilding too if u aint kno bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay Bee

    I been listening to BG from the jump. He’s a hell of an artist. This man was basically the cornerstone of the cash money empire, which still “thrives” today. Say what you want about BG, he’s the truth.

  • C.J. Tha Real Nigga

    Mane Wazzam Lil Stamp Wazzam Nigga U Rep Dat Boot Too Ha… Thats Wats Up U Heard Me…. And B.G. Been My Fav. Rapper Fo A Long Time Cuz Nigga Real Stay On Dat Real Shit Wit Tha Hood. But I’m Lookin’ Forward Fo My Nigga To Come Out And The Hot Boys New Album Too. ONE

  • Gamble

    First he says he only jumps on da track wit REAL Motherfukas…. SO then qoute “Honestly imma do a tape wit nebody who wanna do a tape wit mecuz its like this is what i do” LOL And i thought he was real, real fake.

  • Kellocs Amsterdam

    LOve to B. Gizzle! yep he str8 gangsta.. but i cant deny, he was on something.. but its all good! who isnt from time to time.. ?! he still stacking his cookie-dough so..

  • D.Ware

    Man, ya’ll sum hatin ass niggas!!! For all ya’ll dick n da booty ass niggas talkin bout this man actin like a fien, wouldn’t know what a fien was if one was standing next to ya! That just goes to show how much u nutt swangers know bout this man. Give the nigga credit for coming out and talkin bout his problem he use to have w/ herion. Most of ya’ll should do the same, c’mon out the closet PUNKS!!! I’ve been a fan since back in the 90′s since, “Clean Up Man”, do ur homework suckas, and stop pop, lock and droppin’ it!!!! This nigga has always kept it real, listen to his music. O, I forgot ya’ll rather listen to a muthafuckin’ giving u dance instruction over a bubble gum ass beat. I bet when u look outside ur window at ur house, u see everything this nigga has talked about in his music, u don’t see no muthafuckas on the corner 2 steppin’!! If u wanna see that, grab ur bookbag and head back to school, cause n the real world, real shit happens!!!!

    “Without the South sound right now, hip hop would be dead!!”

  • Truth Speaks Volume

    I can Appreciate a Real Artist From The Streets. B.G. is the representation of a Real Street Figure within Hip-Hop. Now, He’s not the most lyrical arist out there
    but I would copp his album strictly off him being Honest. Keep Doing What you Doing Gizzle.

  • The Recka

    B.G is that nigga 4real he used to get loaded but he quit he was honest abot using why would he lie about quittin and if you aint hip to the nigga 4 real he is lyrical you dont have to be flippin yo flow like hov luda or twista to be lyrical listen to the dude closely he deep and one of the best story tellers dont believe me you must aint heard niggaz in trouble feat mac off the first choppa city album do ya research all on u vol 1and 2 is two of the rawest albums to ever come out the south now i know niggas gone be shoutin that first 8 ball and g joint or scarface first solo joint but i aint say the best i said two of the best and you cant 4get about checkmate and the bonus bootleg disk that came with livin legend the nigga be gettin funky onem

  • GINO

    He has tiight rhymes but this video I think show’s where he’s going unless cleans up

  • Tense

    B.G is out there doing his thang and hes doin it gd. hes da real shizzle

  • faya_head

    B.gizzle doin’ is on his own but he not gettin’ the success he deserves yet I hope he gets it very soon. Can’t wait ’till this fuckin’ album come out.


    man, dats da fukin homie ya unastan wat i’m
    sayin, GEEZY nigga fuck wit u ya heard me

    West Bank, N.O.LA

  • Big Dawg

    Yo gizzle do your thang. Don’t worry about these on-line haters. Get yo money man. R.I.P. Soulja Slim. Just like that.

  • mr.t.w.b

    b.g is a street nukka and we all get nervous on that camera at times check the nukka street attitude better yet check the album haters and b.g is 27 wayne is 24 dumbass

    • AzRealAsDeyCum

      B.G. is 27 and Lil Wayne is 25 B.G. D.O.B. 9/3/80 Lil Wayne D.O.B. 9/27/82

  • godiva Jannie Dorsey

    Much Love Nawlins Cuzzin Showing Support from your Connecticut Fam…ChoppaCity life goes on and we evolve…all you gotta do is be as good as you are…

  • godiva

    Showing Real Family Love and Support from CT
    to my Nawlins Cuzzin…All You Got To Do Is Be You – Choppa City Life

  • bgnick

    Much love to that nigga B Gizzle from that N.O.—uptown hot boy—I love everything that u have made. I have all of ur CD’s. I also grew up in the N.O. and I can truly say that is a real nigga—-He aint fake at all believe that He made Cash Money no doubt. He is one of the great rappers by far. Keep doing what ur doing and the empire that ur trying to build is not far away—Much love—7th ward Hard Head


    B.G.’S that nigga.Y’all hating he’s been the hottest hot boy since day one. I was wondering when somebody would catch the age fuck up between lil’wayne and B.G.


    Gizzle a real nigga still grindin like a muthafucka. Yall bitchassniggas need to stop hatin and support a REAL street nigga who doin his thing

  • Ya boy Polo, oh no.

    This nigga gets heavy rotation in the ride. I’m rockin B. G., Brotha Lynch, Mac Mall, and Outkast right now.

  • dannyboy

    chopper city/grand hustle, u kno wht it is! doogie doin his thang, xcited 4 the new album! got nothin but luv 4 the boy. v.l./13th 4 life! come wit tht hard/hood/clean up man shit.1

  • karlos

    whats up b.gizzle hold it down 4 t.i and grand hustle and u know u got first on this shit here so carry the flag with honor and the code of the streetz so chopper city and grand hustle here we go

  • karlos

    whats up b.gizzle hold it down 4 t.i and grand hustle and u know u got first on this shit here so carry the flag with honor and the code of the streetz so chopper city and grand hustle here we go

  • nixon

    yall need to stop. dookie had some problems back in the g ,but if you didn’t know that boy been out here! not just rapp’n but that street shit too. you can’t fuck with Dookie that boy is a HUSTLER. him and the hot boy juvie, wayne, turk and him put the south on the map and told yall what it was like in our hood, how we get it down here. he never sold out! he never faked and he never tried to be something that he’s not! i been a fan since “it’s all on you vol.1″ UPTOWN GOT YOU CATCHING UP TO GOD QUICKER, THEY GOT A T-SHIRT WAITING ON YOUR FUCK’N PICTURE” YES HE HAD SOME ISSUES AND WE ALL TAKE THAT DAY BY DAY BUT YOU CAN’T KNOCK THE HUSTLER, YALL NEED TO SIT YALL DON’T-HAV-NOTHING-TO-DO-ASSES DOWN AND STOP HATE’N. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY DON’T LISTEN!!! HE GONNA STILL EAT, HE GONNA BLOW PURP AND HE GONNA STILL GET MONEY, STOP HATE’N !!!!!

  • Rell

    I already know Gizzle gon come hard cuz he always do! Dats my ni66a





  • Dirtmode

    All you weed smokin dumbfucks dont know shit about Heroin addiction so shut the fuck up untill you gotta kick something like that, give the man the benefit of the doubt, an addict is never clean tilll he dies but that dont mean he is high, I dont get it, smoke weed and snort coke and drink syrup but dont use Heroin, bunch of contaditing fools, unbelievable.