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The Break Presents: RiFF RaFF

Breakout: "Jose Conseco" Also Check: "Larry Bird" And: "Rice Out" Name: RiFF RaFF SODMG ... Jody Highroller aka Jody Honeycutt, The Freestyle Scientist, Rap Game "I Can Freestyle Forever", Kokayne Dawkinz, Rap Game "Teddy Ruxpin without the batteries but still wakes you up at 3:14am with glowing laser beam ice and teeth by Vanna White" Age: 25 Reppin’: Hollywood… Born in Brazil... Texas .. but only during the month of April. My style and/or skills have been compared to: Compared to none. Then they wanna wish they could point to some lil white boy and say "Yea, Riff Raff looks like that other white dude" .. ...

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