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The Break Presents: The Airplane Boys

Breakout: "Dictate" Also Check: "New Blood" And: "Ice Age" Name: Beck Motley and Bon Voyage aka The Airplane Boys Age: 23, 22 Reppin’: Toronto, Canada Our style and/or skills have been compared to: OutKast, Justice, Kanye and Pharcyde We started rapping: 11 years ago, but we started taking it serious four years ago. Our standout records and/or moments have been: Our standout records, include "Sleep", "Escape", both which are from our first mixtape Where've You Been, as well as "New Blood" from our recently released mixtape Alignment. Our standout moment had to be touring the UK with the legendary Snoop Dogg. We're gonna change the game by: Telling our story and continuing to ...

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