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The Break Presents: Seth Narley

BX is thriving with new talent. Meet Seth Narley, the purveyor of hood and high fashion, and ready to make some more moves. Don’t worry—there’s plenty more outside of his A$AP Mob and BSB connections. Standout: "Hood &High Fashion" Also check out: "Addiction" And: "Toa$t" Name: Seth Narley a.k.a. Narley Age: I landed here 24 years ago in some unlaced constructs at 6 A.M. in a limo. My mom always tells me this story. I was a Yung Playa. Hometown: Southside, The Bronx, NY a.k.a. the home of hip-hop. I grew up listening to: Being my that family's from Puerto Rico, early on I grew up ...

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