12 Rappers With The Best Massive Neck Tattoos
It's no secret that hip-hop has a surplus of tattoos. However, even with all the ink madness, believe it or not, not many rappers have neck tattoos. Check out the few that do in XXL's "Rappers With Massive Neck Tattoos."
Olympic Snowboarder Louie Vito Taught Jim Jones To Snowboard
Olympic Snowboarder Louie Vito can get a bit obsessive when it comes to the music he listens to during a competition. "I actually do stress about the playlist," said Vito, the 25-year-old Ohio native, Olympian and ESPN X-Games host, during a trip to XXL headquarters recently...
In The Cut: Songs You Need To Hear From January 2014
The first month of 2014 is behind us. As such, it was jam-packed with promising news for the year ahead. In the beginning weeks, DJ Drama was appointed A&R of Atlantic and shared with us during our interview three MCs he’s feeling right now. We...
15 Hip-Hop Celebrities With Bad Tattoos
Body art & rappers go together like peanut chocolate and jelly. Rappers love getting tattoos more than they love some of their own albums. It is not rare to see rappers these days with more tattoos on their body than uncovered skin.
Unfortunately, a love of body art can also lead to some part…
Yelawolf “Box Chevy V”
Yelawolf is sticking to his schedule in regards to releasing his new album Love Story. To build anticipation, the Alabama MC unleashes the five installment of “Box Chevy.” Check it out above.
Yelawolf Is Finishing Up His New Album

Yelawolf took to Instagram to announce that he is completing his new album, Love Story. The Gadsden, Alabama rapper says in his post that his lead single for the album will be "Box Chevy #5."
You can view the post below.
The 25 Best Mixtapes Of 2013
Just as there were plenty of albums to choose from, there were a lot of mixtapes that dominated our playlists in 2013. For one reason or another, this year marked an influx of new and hungry MCs who all wanted to make a statement with their projects...
Yelawolf Didn’t Download The Eminem Leak
When Eminem first signed Yelawolf to Shady Records in 2011, you could tell their relationship would be more than just mentor and protégé. Nowadays, Yela has earned his respect over the years, consistently showing his progression as an artist in releases like Trunk Muzik Returns and his…

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