Wyclef’s “April Showers” Video Pulled From YouTube
Author Cathy Scott believes the autopsy image of Tupac in Wyclef's new video is a little too real. So real in fact that she filed a complaint with YouTube and the clip has been pulled from the site. Scott alleges that the shot is actually an autopsy photo pulled from her book, "The Kil…
Wyclef Jean And Troy Ave Have A New Video Together
Wyclef Jean taps Troy Ave for his latest video "April Showers." In attempts to bring light to violence around the world, the two MCs craft up a quite enlightening visual.
"April Showers" appears on Wyclef's April Showers project.
Rappers Cry Too
For those of you that don't think rappers shed tears, they most certainly do and we've got the pictures to prove it. Gathering up a bunch of photos of rappers on their emotional heavy days, XXL presents "Rappers Cry Too."
And in the words of Ja Rule, "I cry, you c…

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