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Wiz Khalifa Leaves The Club With A New Girl
Now that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's marriage has dissolved they are officially back on the market. Amber was recently spotted leaving the club with another man. Now Wiz is possibly getting his rebound on. TMZ cameras recently caught the purple-haired rapper leaving Lure nightclub holding hand…
6 Photos Of Recently Married Rappers On Their Wedding Day
When you look at today's catalog of rappers, one will find that not too many are married. XXL went combing through Instagram and found a few pictures of recently married rappers on their wedding day. Check it out.
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Twitter Reacts To Wiz Khalifa’s Purple Hair
Wiz Khalifa dyed his hair purple today and people are flipping out about it. It seems—since after the news broke that Amber Rose is divorcing him Wiz—he's looking to start fresh and leave his troubles in the past. When he posted the picture on Instagram many fans had a lot to say ab…

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