Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Claims He Made The G-Unit Brand Relevant
Tony Yayo's clapping back.
In an earlier interview with 50 Cent on The Breakfast Club in March, 50 gave an explanation on distancing himself from G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.
“Some people, they’re like milk,” 50 says...
Tony Yayo Featuring Young Buck “Devil’s Advocate”
Tony Yayo and Young Buck settle their differences and hit the studio again for a new record. The two former members of G-Unit come together for “Devil’s Advocate,” where they sound like poised veterans in the game. The track will appear on Yayo&CloseCurlyQ…
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Tony Yayo Doesn’t Want To Be A Rapper Anymore
Late last night, Tony Yayo interacted with fans back and forth via Instagram comments and shared some heartbreaking news about G-Unit. According to the Queens OG, the Guerilla Unit is no more, because 50 Cent doesn't mess with him and Lloyd banks anymore...
G-Unit, “Turf Drop” (Originally Published May 2008)
The rise was meteoric. The fall was inevitable. Last year, amid dwindling sales and internal dissension, chinks finally started to show in G-Unit's platinum armor. Now, pulling together and going back to basics, 50 and his crew set to work on digging themselves out of a hole...
G-Unit Videos That Took Over The Game
On this day in 2003 the world witnessed the release of G-Unit's commercial debut, Beg For Mercy. Selling 377,000 copies in its first week,the record went on to sell over 2.7 million copies in the U.S. and 6 million worldwide. With today marking its 10th anniversary, XXL presents &…
Troy Ave Releases ‘New York City: The Album’
Troy Ave is feeling pretty confident about his latest project. After dropping videos for songs like "Hurt" and the cameo-filled title track, the New York rapper has released New York City: The Album, a full-length that seeks to celebrate and recapture the glory days of NYC hip-hop.…

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