20 Hip-Hop Songs About Specific Relationships
Check Out Our Beats Music Playlist Of Songs About Specific Relationships Right Here
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14 Romantic Hip-Hop Songs For Your Significant Other
Lil Wayne Recording Album Of Love Songs
T.I. Insists He Didn’t Cheat On Tiny
According to TMZ, T.I. squashed all rumors relating him to a well known groupie. Alexis Lacey, better known as Lexxy, posted an Instagram picture of herself with the Atlanta rapper in his home last weekend and surprise, surprise, his wife Tiny was no where in sight...
T.I. Featuring Young Thug “About The Money”
T.I. and Young Thug team up for "About The Money." This one is premiered by DJ Whoo Kid. Look out for Tip's Paperwork and a slew of creative projects on the horizon.
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T.I. Is A Really Good Guy
T.I. is the good samaritan of hip-hop. Back  in Oct. 2010, T.I. convinced Joshua Starks, a 24-year-old man in Atlanta, not to commit suicide. Recently T.I. has been mending and ending beefs left and right. Here are some examples that show how great of a guy Tip is...
T.I. Ends Game And LEP Bogus Boys Beef
Besides T.I. being the King of the South, a reality star, a humanitarian, and an entrepreneur, TIP is also a peacemaker. T.I. has mended a lot of relationships and ended a lot beefs. This time around, he played a major role in squashing the beef between Game and the LEP Bogus Boys after th…

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