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Hip-Hop Loves Riding Segways
One of the best perks of being a celebrity is getting to try out the freshest new gear before anyone else. And for these hip-hop stars, the new wave is hands free segways.
A segway is essentially a two-wheeled, self-balancing robo scooter that allows the user to glide around with ease in place of wal…
Snoop Dogg Wants To Be the New CEO of Twitter
Twitter is looking for a new CEO after Dick Costolo recently stepped down from his post, and Snoop Dogg is gunning to be his successor. The search is on for a new Twitter head with interim CEO Jack Dorsey saying the company is looking for someone, "who really uses and loves the product in e…
Snoop Dogg Sues Pabst Over Alcohol Endorsement Deal
Snoop Dogg is suing Pabst Brewing Company. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snoop is taking Pabst to court for breaching a contract and interfering with contractual relations in a complaint filed Monday (June 8) in Los Angeles Superior Court...
Snoop Dogg To Be on the New Season of ‘Trailer Park Boys’
Anyone who has spent five minutes around Snoop Dogg--or caught his between-song concert banter, or seen his Youtube series, GGN--knows that he's uproariously funny. That quality will be on full display soon, as the rapper is seemingly set to appear on the upcoming tenth season of the hit Canadi…
14 Rappers Seen During the 2015 NBA Playoffs
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