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17 Songs That Show Rappers Make It Better
With lines blurring across genres more than ever, it’s no surprise that rappers love to experiment with their sound. Established names like Kanye West and Lil Wayne have dabbled outside of their comfort zones and became very successful reaching another demographic outside of hip-hop.…
10 Rappers Falling Down On Stage
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Even the best stage performers can slip up every now and again, and with a cell phone in every pocket you can bet that it will be captured, posted, and spread like wild fire. I'm not saying that serious injuries are funny, but a skinned knee and a bruised ego are t…
Rich Boy “Pimp On” (Video)
Rich Boy released his first single off his sophomore effort Break The Pot back in April. Fast forward to almost the end of summer and we are finally seeing a video for “Pimp On.” It features Rich, Playboi Lo and Smash by the pool and getting all the ladies they want...
In the Cut: XXL’s Song Picks of the Week 4/5
It's been a pretty slow week at the XXL headquarters. Sure, we've kept busy with the announcement of our annual Freshman issue, but now that we've told you about Fictional Freshmen, Past Freshmen, and even showed you videos of the Freshmen shoot, we figured you're probably all Fr…

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