Public Enemy

Pete Rock’s Five Favorite Beats Of All Time
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DJ Mustard’s Five Favorite Beats He Wishes He Produced
Andrew “Pop” Wansel Might Be The Luckiest Producer Alive
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Chuck D’s Beef With Hot 97 Started Five Years Ago
Ever since Chuck D aired out his grievances and called Hot 97's Summer Jam a "sloppy fiasco," Chuck and the station's DJ's have been going back and forth on Twitter and over the airwaves. Chuck D sat down with The Combat Jack Show to let the hip-hop community kn…
Tupac Was A Huge Chuck D Fan
Chuck D has been on a public crusade against terrestrial radio and after being called a "troll" by a talking head, the legendary MC made sure to remind everyone of his OG status. On Sunday, Chuck D posted a letter on Twitter he received from Tupac while 'Pac was incarcerated
Public Enemy Drops New EP Of Remixes Made By BitTorrent Users
Last summer, Public Enemy and file sharing site BitTorrent launched a contest that allowed fans to remix their latest single, "Get Up Stand Up" featuring Brother Ali. Fans were able to download a Public Enemy bundle via the site which included the single itself, outtakes from the v…

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