Nelson Mandela

Jay Z Dedicates Song To Nelson Mandela At LA Show
In the wake of the world's mourning for Nelson Mandela, as always Jay Z comes through to save the day. In efforts to brighten fans spirits during this difficult time, Jay took some time out of his LA concert to speak some positivity to Staple Center concertgoers
Wyclef Jean’s Nelson Mandela Tribute
With the untimely death of national icon Nelson Mandela last week, Wyclef had a few things he wanted to get off his chest. Unveiling his feelings through song, Wyclef penned a "Nelson Mandela Tribute.
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Game Pays Respect To Nelson Mandela, Gets Tattoo
Last week one of world's great leaders, Nelson Mandela, passed away. The hip-hop community responded with tweets and pictures paying respects to Mandela. Well, Game paid homage to Nelson Mandela by getting a tattoo of him. The caption of the Instagram read, "The finished "Nels…