Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco And West Coast Rapper Dizaster Battle On Twitter
Lupe Fiasco and West Coast battle rapper Dizaster went at it on Twitter today.
Dizaster called Lupe out over his comments about Kendrick Lamar.
I fuck with kendrick man....@LupeFiasco this faggot wants to always give his opinion on dudes that are light years beyond him lol
Lupe Fiasco Went Into The Studio With Katie Couric
UPDATE: Here's the full interview with Lupe Fiasco and Katie Couric. Lupe sat with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News to discuss his “Mission” campaign, his album and his Obama comments. Later Couric—who lost her husband and sister to cancer—went…
A Guide To Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene
When XXL released its 2014 Freshmen Cover last month, one of the biggest talking points among hip-hop fans was the strong presence of Chicago rappers. With Chance The Rapper, Lil Bibby, Lil Durk and Vic Mensa all making our list this year, it marked the first time in the cover's seven-year history t…
Lupe Fiasco Compares Justin Bieber To Donald Sterling
The backlash isn't over for Justin Bieber. Nearly everybody voiced their opinion regarding him using the N-word. Now, Lupe Fiasco takes a crack at the controversial matter. During his interview with MTV, Lupe Fiasco shared his thoughts on the situation and compared Bieber's incident to Don…
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Common to Honor Dr. Maya Angelou
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