Lucki Ecks

Lucki Eck$ Featuring Danny Brown “Weightin’ On”
Lucki Eck$ and Danny Brown may be from different cities, but they're not all that far apart in their narrative influences (specifically when it comes to drugs). They collaborate on "Weightin' On" for Red Bull Sound Select.
The collaboration isn't too experimental thou…
Lucki Eck$ “Finesse”
Chi-town rapper Lucki Eck$ returns with some more DUI raps in "Finesse," which continues his unique narrative in the Midwest scene. This time, Lucki's drugged out cadence is backed by SKYWLKR's tense, aquatic production.
Lucki certainly isn't aimless in his style…
Lucki Eck$ Has Drug-Fueled Day In “XAN CAGE”
A lot of rap flaunts the use of drugs; Lucki Eck$'s "XAN CAGE" does the opposite. The Chicago rapper released a video that's just as trippy as the song.
The Jimmy Regular-directed clip follows Lucki Eck$ from a first-person perspective after he pops two Xanax pills...

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