LL Cool J

Rappers That Have Been In The Game Since They Were Youngins
Ever wonder how long you favorite rapper has been actually rapping for? XXL crafted up a gallery of rappers that have been in the game before they could even buy a beer. Find out if your favorite rapper has been rapping since childhood in "Rappers That Have Been In The Game Since They Were …
Every Rapper Wants The Throne
When it comes to reigning rap, every rapper believes that they're worthy of the hip-hop throne. From rocking crowns to buying thrones, check out "Everyone Rapper Wants The Throne ."
Who do you think is worthy?
Russell Simmons And LL Cool J Visit A New York City Jail
Hip-hop legends Russell Simmons and LL Cool J are making a point to give back to the community after finding so much success in the game. On Thursday, the two visited New York City's Rikers Island jail to mark the launch of a national anti-violence program

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