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11 Times Rappers Really Pissed Off The Public
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XXL’s Songs Of The Week
There’s plenty of new music to sift through. How do you know what is good or bad? Well, that’s where we come in.
Aside from a busy week of interesting news, there’s always a plethora of dope music that drops. Sometimes it’s out of nowher…
Take A Look Back At When Tyga And Young Money Were Cool
With recent news that Tyga is beefing with Young Money and is even looking to part ways with the label, XXL couldn't help but think of all the good times that they once shared together. From countless video collaborations, red carpets and more; check out a gallery of when Tyga and Young Money d…
Monica Lewinsky Thanks Rappers For Shouting Her Out In Songs
Monica Lewinsky, the woman at the center of perhaps the most infamous affair in United States history, spoke to an audience in Philadelphia yesterday (Oct. 20) about the dangers of cyberbullying. At the beginning of the speech though, she thanked a variety of rappers for shouting her out in their so…
Best Hip-Hop Instagrams Of The Day
Want to know what went down today on Instagram? XXL’s got it for you. Scroll down!
That moment when you forget your profession and try and live in the moment!!!! #WTFwasHeThinking #WhyIsHeInFulluniform #HesBringingTheProgramDown #iHopeHeWasntWearingaJerseyUnderThatJacket #CanadaHatesThatHeDid…

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