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Katy Perry Loves Lil B’s New Video That’s Named After Her
Looks like Katy Perry is loving Lil B's new video "Katy Perry." The songstress went to twitter yesterday to unveil her feelings towards B's effort and not only was she feeling the visual, but she also asked the Based God to prom.
Peep the tweets below:
Be my prom date @LILBTHEBASEDGOD
Lil B’s ‘Hoop Life’ Project Is On The Way
Lil B loves everyone. Everyone that is but NBA star Kevin Durant apparently. The rapper hasn’t included KD on his friends list since 2011 when they started trading barbs via Twitter. Now the world waits for the latest chapter in the saga, when Lil B finally releases his new mixtape H…
13 Rappers Who Are Covered With Tattoos
Although many rappers have a tattoo or two, these rappers are nearly covered from head to toe with crazy ink. So if you're looking for some tat inspiration, check out XXL's "13 Rappers Who Are Covered With Tattoos."
5 Biggest Moments From SXSW Saturday
If you're anything like us, you're probably mentally and physically exhausted from all this SXSW business. And it's been a hell of a ride along the way, nonstop music and a ridiculous overflow of information. But that doesn't mean we've slowed down—four days in to the …
Lil B Is Confident He Can Beat Kevin Durant In Ball
Lil B spoke to SB Nation about his dislike for Kevin Durant and it got very interesting.  The Based God challenged Kevin Durant in a game of 1-0n-1 in basketball in a diss track towards him with “F*ck KD.” The beef started three years ago when KD took to Twitter that…
Lil B Challenges Kevin Durant In “F#ck KD” Video
Remember back in 2011 when Lil B Twitter jabbed NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant, by downplaying the perennial All-Star's hoop game after Durant expressed his distaste for the Based God's music, causing a brief beef. It took three years, but The Pack rapper just upped the ante with a new vid…
Lil B Direct Messaged Questlove That He Loves Him
Fans all know that the Based God is a one of a kind artist who's filled with positivity and love. Just look at some of his tweets, his Instagram pictures and college lectures. Well today, Lil B wanted to express his love to The Roots star drummer, Questlove...

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