Lauryn Hill

18 Post-Prison Comeback Tracks
Earlier today, Lauryn Hill was released from prison after serving three months for tax fraud. On the eve of her leave, Hill released a brutal track called “Consumerism.” The track marked the occasion that she is officially free.
This isn’t the first time we…
Wyclef And Lauryn Hill When They Were Young
With today marking the 18th anniversary of The Fugees' final album, The Score, it's only right to take a walk down memory lane. Check out photos of the clan in their young days in "Wyclef And Lauryn Hill When They Were Young."
9 Of The Most Memorable Hip-Hop Grammy Performances

If it’s one thing the Grammy Awards are good for other than golden phonographs, it’s the performances—and this Sunday’s awards ceremony will be a night to remember with hip-hop and rap in the forefront. Compton’s golden child of hip-hop Kendrick Lamar and independent prodigies Macklemore & Ryan …
Rappers Plastered On Odd Magazine Covers
Have you ever had to look twice at a magazine because of the odd imagery plastered on cover, wondering how and for what reason a rapper was chosen to be portrayed in such a abnormal manner? Well this gallery is full of those! Gathering up a bunch of those odd occasions, XXL presents "Rapper…
Lauryn Hill Announces First Post-Prison Shows
After being released from a three-month stint for tax evasion in October, Lauryn Hill announced her first post-prison shows today. Hill will be giving two Thanksgiving Eve concerts on November 27 at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.
Shortly after her release, Ms...
Dapper Rappers Looking Less Than Fresh
Since the days of Adidas tracksuits and gold chains as thick as gym rope, fashion has played an integral part in the culture of hip-hop. 40 years after the advent of the culture, hip-hop has produced its fair share of style icons that have blazed the trails into mainstream fashion quarters...
10 Hip-Hop Songs That Influence Change
In celebration of United Nations Day, it's only right to spread some positivity. Gathering together a list of hip-hop's top inspiring rap songs XXL presents "10 Hip-Hop Songs That Influence Change."
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- "Same Love"
Tupac- &…

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