King Chip

Watch King Chip Isolate Himself in ‘By My Lonely’ Video
King Chip is storming the left coast--and he's doing it by himself. In the new video for his self-produced "By My Lonely," Chip hops from intersections to cliffs to threats and back again, asserting and reasserting one very simple premise: you might need him, but he doesn&apos…
King Chip “Harley”
In "Harley," a woman whose mind is right pulls up on a Harley and becomes the wind beneath King Chip's wings. Chip also thinks he has what she needs: "Money I been chasin' might just spark a conversation." Is money all he has to offer, though...
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King Chip And Casey Veggies “Lipstick On The Blunt”
It's hard to think of a rapper who would hear Val Venis' intro and think, "This would make a dope sample." Wale would be one. If you thought King Chip and Casey Veggies would be another two, you'd be right. The two sample the chauvinistic intro to "Lipstick …
Logic Featuring King Chip “Two Kings”
Logic doesn’t falter when it comes to his rhymes. “Bitches only care about the flow,” he states on “Two Kings,” a track he shares with Cleveland’s own King Chip. The C-Note-produced track is smooth and accessible…

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