5 Moments From A3C Festival Friday
A3C is one of the premiere festivals in Atlanta featuring over 500 performances from some of hip-hop’s most promising and respected artists from all over. XXL is on the ground to give day-to-day recaps of what’s going down during their 10-year celebration...
20 Videos Of Rappers Before The Fame
Hip-hop is undeniably deep in some sort of nostalgia phase; you only have to look at the sheer number of reunions and celebrated anniversaries that have cropped up in the past two years to see that. But while it's always great to see classic outfits like G-Unit and Dipset get back together, there's …
20 Hip-Hop Veterans Share Advice For Up And Coming Rappers
Check Out All Our Coverage Of The XXL 2014 Freshmen Class Right Here
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Pharrell Shares Advice For Freshmen Producers
22 Former XXL Freshmen Have Advice For The 2014 Class
12 Rappers And Producers On The Best Advice They Ever Received
7 Rappers Who Pay The Most In Child Support
It seems a story surfaces nearly every day in hip-hop that pertains to a child support case. From DMX owing $1 million to Juvenile questioning his 13-year-old son's paternity after racking up $160K in back pay, rappers have not had the most luck when it comes to monetary settlements with baby m…
Scarface, Juvenile, And N.W.A Named Most Profane Rappers
In a recently released analysis, Scarface, Juvenile, N.W.A and a host of others were dubbed as the "Most Profane Rappers." Rating the rappers by how many cuss words they spat out per song, the data collection crafted up some interesting results, collecting data from 1985-2013...

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