Juicy J

Juicy J Lives Out a Gangsta Movie in “I’m Sicka” Video
Juicy J doesn't age. Well into his third decade making rap music, he continues to stay well ahead of the proverbial curve; as he and his cohorts from mid-'90s Memphis continue to see their flows cribbed by younger rappers from all over the country, the original Juiceman continues to push f…
Juicy J Might Retire After His ‘THC’ Album Comes Out
Juicy J might be ready to hang up his microphone for good. The accomplished rapper, who has won an Oscar, has been nominated for a Grammy, Tweeted that after his fourth solo LP, The Hustle Continues (THC), drops, the Three Six Mafia co-founder may leave the booth for the board room:
I don't know for …

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