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Jim Jones And Funkmaster Flex Tease New Dipset Information
It's a new year, which means a fresh start, dipshits. Less than one hour ago, Jim Jones posted to his Instagram a screenshot of a another post, this one made by Funkmaster Flex. That original image came with a caption that implored the audience to "STAY FUCKING TUNED" for brea…
Best Hip-Hop Instagrams Of The Day
Want to know what went down today on Instagram? XXL’s got it for you. Scroll down!
Niggas still trying to Zoe me I'm not Witt it no more fuckk out hea im not Witt it fuck dis yall going make me go to jail
20 Rappers Celebrate Their Baby Mamas
Whether in the past or in the present, it's always good to witness a rapper in good standings with their child's mother. Gathering up some photos of rappers sharing happy times with their baby mamas, check out these rappers and their beautiful baby mamas...
7 Of The Most Embarrassing Instagrams Posted By Rappers
With the massive attention 50 Cent has garnered from the recent Instagram video calling out Floyd Mayweather's reading disability, XXL couldn't help but think of other times that rappers have embarrassed others or themselves via the social network...
9 Rappers Who Love Yachts
As summer in in full swing, rappers have pulled out the big toys setting sail on seas all across the globe. Check out a gallery full of boats that we could only dream of sailing in "9 Rappers Who Love Yachts ."
35 Hip-Hop Songs About Independence
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8 Rappers Being Bullies
If you're a rapper, you've got to be the tough guy right? Well apparently these rappers think so. Check out "8 Rapper Being Bullies  ."

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