Jarren Benton

20 Great Superhero Lyrical References
XXL digs up 20 of the best superhero-related rhymes from some of your favorite artists, past and present. Take a look at which rapper gives a shout to your favorite superhero.
The Evolution of Funk Volume
We sat down with Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton to talk about the history and evolution of their record label Funk Volume.
2014 XXL Freshmen Year-End Report Card

It's amazing that it's already been a year since the 2014 XXL Freshman cover, when we unveiled our Dirty Dozen featuring two R&B artists for the first time ever. But now it's time to check the report card (click the image above). The past 12 months—really 14 months, since our 2015 XXL Freshman c…

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