Ice-T’s Grandson Gets Arrested For Killing His Roommate
According to TMZ, Ice-T's grandson, Elyjah Marrow was arrested after accidentally shooting and killing his roommate.
Cops reported that this past Tuesday, the 19-year old was playing around with a gun in his Georgia apartment and it went off, killing his roommate, Daryus Johnson, who also was 19…
9 Rappers Getting Married
As many rappers keep their walk down the aisle under wraps, others aren't so lucky. XXL came across a few rappers with wedding photos on the net, check out "9 Rappers Wedding Photos."
Ice-T Regrets Dissing Soulja Boy
A few years ago, Soulja Boy's chart topping smash, "" target="_blank">Crank That," was a game changer. The record introduced the dance phase of hip-hop and made a lot of pioneers cringe, mainly Ice-T. The two traded barbs over the years w…
Ice-T Wants More Black Artists In Rock & Roll
Ice-T is baffled as to why there are such few black artists in the world of Rock & Roll. While hip-hop is predominantly occupied by African Americans, the Rock & Roll genre seems to attract less black artists. That fact alone, doesn’t sit too well with Ice T, as he ex…

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