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5 Of The Oddest Couples In Hip-Hop
It can't be denied that hip-hop has caught us off guard once or twice with the emergence of an odd relationship. Gathering together a bunch of those couples XXL presents "5 Of The Oddest Couples In Hip-Hop."
Rappers Who Are Mama’s Boys
With Mother's Day just passing, XXL wanted to shout-out all the rappers who openly express gratitude for their Mamas. Check out "Rappers Who Are Mama's Boys."
7 Rappers Who Pay The Most In Child Support
It seems a story surfaces nearly every day in hip-hop that pertains to a child support case. From DMX owing $1 million to Juvenile questioning his 13-year-old son's paternity after racking up $160K in back pay, rappers have not had the most luck when it comes to monetary settlements with baby m…
Flavor Flav Sentenced To One Year Of Probation
Flavor Flav has admitted to chasing his girlfriend's son with a kitchen knife during an argument at Flav's Las Vegas home in October 2012. Flav was facing 12 years behind bars for felony assault charges, but the charges was reduced to misdemeanor offenses when the judge heard he had r…
Flavor Flav’s New York Speeding Case Is Postponed
Rapper Flavor Flav was back in court today. Police say the rapper and reality TV star was speeding and driving without a license on January 9th on the Meadowbrook Parkway in Long Island, NY.
However, he was on his way to his Mother’s funeral at the time...
Rap Veterans Who Are Bothered By Today’s Hip-Hop
Houston hip-hop legend Scarface told XXL last week that hip-hop has lost its soul, claiming that in this day and age, lyrics are being dumbed down because everyone is so focused on turning up.
“I feel like our music was dumbed down,” the Houston legend said in a …
Flavor Flav’s Mother Passes Away On NYE

New Year's Eve is meant to usher in a new beginning, but it turned out to be a sorrowful end to some. On December 31, Anna Drayton, Flavor Flav's mother, passed away.
Her cause of death is yet to be disclosed, Flav officially announced his mother’s death over his personal Twitter account:
Hey everybo…

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