13 Rappers Hanging Out With Their Families
More often than not, rappers are either pictured hard at work or indulging in some sort of scandalous activity. With that said, XXL decided to show off the flip side, and dug up some photos of rappers enjoying some good ol' family fun. Check it out...
14 Rappers Showing Off Their Sick Whips
Hip-hop fans often witness their favorite rappers riding around in whips that they can only dream of one day acquiring. From Rick Ross to Big Boi, check out "14 Rappers Showing Off Their Sick Whips."
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Drake Hands Out #HoodGrammys On Instagram
Drake has gone from winning Grammys to choosing categories and picking winners. Well, sort of. Early, this morning, apparently high off recently passing The Beatles for Billboard Hot 100 entries, the rap superstar decided to hold his own version of the coveted award show via his Instagram account...

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