DMX Freaks Out On An Amusement Park Ride
Somebody out there had the amazing idea to stick a camera on DMX as he boarded an amusement park ride while in Orlando. The results are unsurprisingly amazing as X absolutely freaks out before, during, and after the ride. The MC, who recently admitted to eating dog food, tried to play it cool for th…
DMX Admits To Eating Dog Food
DMX  was walking through LAX Airport when TMZ cameras caught up with X and asked him about his dog food preference. As always  the rapper had a quite comical response unveiling that he's actually eaten dog food before and that it's not so bad
Turn Back Tuesday: DMX Edition [VIDEO]
DMX hasn’t put out an album since Undisputed which came out in 2012, but you can hear him freestyle at the XXL office mere hours after he was released from jail. So, turn back the clocks to the year 2011, as we look back at a series of videos we did with DMX in the summer of yesterye…
12 Rappers Looking Happy With Their Exes
Taking a stroll down memory lane is always fun. In today's case, XXL decided to look back on unforgettable hip-hop couples that are no longer together. Check out "12 Rappers Looking Happy With Their Exes."
8 Rappers Being Bullies
If you're a rapper, you've got to be the tough guy right? Well apparently these rappers think so. Check out "8 Rapper Being Bullies  ."

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