DJ Green Lantern & Cassidy: <em>It’s Your Birthday</em>
I remember the first time I realized Cassidy was nice. It was a Friday night and I was feeling a little lifted off “The Happening.” Out the blue my niggaa Nef called up my crib mad late wildin' about this mixtape he just copped that had the audio to the infamous Cassidy vs...
RUMOR: Papoose & Fat Joe Brawl?
A blog post on 50 Cent’s website,, claimed that Brooklyn MC Papoose and Fat Joe got into a physical altercation at a hotel in North Carolina.
Jay-Z Scores 10th #1 Album
Jay-Z tops this week's Billboard 200 album sales chart with his American Gangster album, which sold 425,861 records in its first week. While this figure is lower than the first week sales of last year's Kingdom Come (over 680,000), it was still enough to give Jay his tenth number one album, tying hi…