Cam’ron Previews Song With Nicki Minaj On Instagram
While rolling down the freeway, Cam'ron caught up to his manager driving alongside him and proceeded to pull out his phone and catch a quick Instagram vid. While the video itself is relatively pointless, the song playing in the background definitely made people's ears perk up
8 Rappers Being Bullies
If you're a rapper, you've got to be the tough guy right? Well apparently these rappers think so. Check out "8 Rapper Being Bullies  ."
Dame Dash And Cam’ron Open A New Restaurant
If Stevie J and Benzino could open up a restaurant, why can't the storied duo of Cam'ron and Dame Dash accomplish a similar feat? According to Dame's Instagram, Harlem's finest have teamed up together to open a new restaurant named, Dish...

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