Cam’ron Remembers The Fallen In “Sweetest” Video
Cam'ron has been through some things coming up in Harlem. Big L and his cousin Bloodshed died, and he's seen many gone too soon. Cam'ron reminisces on those who passed away while lighting a blunt in "Sweetest," which features some vintage clips from Cam'ron&apos…
10 Rappers Dressed Like Pimps
It seems that most rappers are obsessed with the pimp culture. Some have even went to the extent of dressing like one from time to time on different occasions. Check out "10 Rappers Whose Pimp Game Is On Point ."
Rappers That Have Been In The Game Since They Were Youngins
Ever wonder how long you favorite rapper has been actually rapping for? XXL crafted up a gallery of rappers that have been in the game before they could even buy a beer. Find out if your favorite rapper has been rapping since childhood in "Rappers That Have Been In The Game Since They Were …

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