A Guide To Diss Songs In 2014
In recent years it has seemed that the sacred art of the perfectly-crafted diss song has gone out the window. Gone are the days of "Takeover" and "Ether," "How To Rob" and "New York, New York." Instead, sneak disses, subliminal …
C-Murder Pens An Open Letter To Brother Master P
Just two weeks after dissing his brother Master P on the track “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier,” C-Murder has stepped forth once again to address their troubled relationship. The rapper, who is currently serving life in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for the …
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C-Murder “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier (Master P Diss)”

C-Murder's career was derailed when he was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Steve Thomas. On his new track, "All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier," a diss aimed at Master P, the former No Limit Soldier spits venom at his "hero." Over a classic 'Nawlins beat, Murder calls …
18 Of The Worst Rapper Mugshots
There are a few rapper mugshots out there that are just really bad. Whether intoxicated, smiling, beat up or just pissed off; several rappers go down in history for the worst mugshots ever taken. Check out  "18 Of The Worst Rapper Mugshots ...
The 10 Best Books Written By Rappers Of All-Time
More rappers than ever are turning to books to scratch their creative itch. A list of the 10 best ever
Words: Adam Fleischer, Jesse Gissen, Mark Lelinwalla, Jayson Rodriguez
Images: Socrates Gomez
These days, when rappers pull out a pen and a pad, or even get on the computer or their smart phones, it&C…

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