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DJ Premier’s Five Favorite Beats Of All Time
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DJ Premier Didn’t Like The Beat To Nas’ “Memory Lane”
15 Of The Greatest Rapper-Producer Duos Of All Time
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Best Hip-Hop Tweets Of The Week 3/2-3/8
As Rick Ross dropped his sixth studio album and Lil Boosie was released from prison, as one can imagine twitter was quite eventful. As Nicki Minaj also agreed to grant a 5 year old cancer patient's wish via the social network and much more, Twitter was certainly the hot spot this week...
Lil Boosie’s Release Makes Twitter Go Crazy
Yesterday Lil Boosie's unexpected release caused pandemonium on all social networks, most certainly twitter. As everyone from gospel singers to actors and even Boosie's fellow MCs chimed to welcome the Louisiana rapper home, the tweets came in outpour, utimately causing the rapper to becom…
Celebrate Black History Month With These 20 Songs
One of the greatest artistic products to derive from the African American culture is its music. And of that music, no category is as distinct as hip-hop, with its ability to raise awareness by telling stories of social injustice and oppression, but also of heritage and pride...
12 Creepy Sculptures Of Rappers
You only have to peruse the lyrics of rap's cultural elites to get a glimpse that hip-hop has a growing appreciation of the classical arts. Whether it is Jay Z, A$AP Rocky or Rick Ross, everybody seems to be jacking for Basquiats these days...

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