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There’s plenty of new music to sift through. How do you know what is good or bad? Well, that’s where we come in.
Aside from a busy week of interesting news, there’s always a plethora of dope music that drops. Sometimes it’s out of nowher…
Bishop Nehru, MF Doom “Caskets”
When it was announced back in July that New York wordsmith Bishop Nehru and MF Doom were working on an album together, hip-hop fans everywhere knew that the project had the chance of being one of the dopest releases of the year. Now, the duo released a track off of the album entitled “Caskets,…
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Bishop Nehru Featuring DOOM “Om”
Thankfully, Bishop Nehru and DOOM's collaboration project won't be perpetually in-limbo like Madvillainy 2 has been. NehruvianDOOM is coming on Sept. 23 and "Om" suggests it may have a shot at living up to expectations. This cut leans toward intensity,…

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