A$AP Rocky

17 Wild Rapper Parties
One thing rappers know how to do very well is throw a hell of a party. Check out rappers getting turnt up with their homies, hot women, and random people in "17 Wild Rapper Parties ."
13 Hip-Hop Relationships Gone Bad
Hip-hop has helmed many successful relationships but the genre has also had its fair share of fall-outs with couples too. Check out some of rap's former favorite couples that are no more in "13 Hip-Hop Relationships Gone Bad."
Some Rappers Just Love Wearing Women’s Clothes
Be it a skirt, a shirt or a dress, some rappers just can't seem to stay away from women's fashion. From Kanye rocking a sheer top to Young Thug wearing a dress, there's been plenty instances where rappers just couldn't resist  the feminine urge...

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