Action Bronson

There’s A Big Action Bronson Mural In South Africa
In the latest installment of "Adventure Time With Action Bronson", the NY rapper hits Cape Town. Setting the in the Motherland, the rapper soaks up some sun while creatively directing the making of his huge colorful mural.
Check it out below:
Action Bronson’s Moments On Stage
Today, news broke that a fan was put in a Torture Rack by Action Bronson in Chapel Hill, N.C. This isn't the first and probably won't be the last that this will happen. Action hates stage interruptions by fans. Here are nine other times things got crazy on stage...
Action Bronson Tosses A Fan Off Stage
It seems like Bronson’s current Blue Chips 2 Tour isn’t just a way to give back to the fans but also a tryout for the WWE. Throughout the second leg of Bam Bam’s worldwide tour, the MC has spent just as much time throwing fans into old-school wrestling…
Action Bronson And Uncle Luke Hit The Studio
Action Bronson recently hit the studio with the legendary rump-shaker hit maker Uncle Luke. Posted on Bronson's Instagram page, seems the rapper stopped to see Luke in the midst of his "Blue Chips II Tour."
Captioning the photo, "U ain't even ready for this,&…
Action Bronson Doesn’t Want Any Club Records On His New Album
Action Bronson is a very unique human being. You listen to his music, go to any of his shows or just follow him on his social networks, it's clear that Bronson does what he wants, when he wants. Bronson does what makes sense to him. With every bar he spits or every show he does, he does it how …

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