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Ron Browz: Ether Boy

Ron Browz Ether Boy (Ether Boy/Universal Motown) Hip-hop heads know Ron Browz as a supplier of grimy backdrops for 50 Cent, Ludacris and Nas. Forget about that guy. Now gracing the spotlight under the quasi-alter ego Ether Boy, the producer turned performer is set on creating over-the-top anthems, not mash-out music. With listeners already sky high off the zany single “Jumping (Out the Window),” Ron Auto-Croons his way through his experimental solo debut, Ether Boy. For starters, Ron recreates his most famed melody for the opening “Etherboy Anthem,” a reintroduction with all the bite—minus the venom—of Nas’s “Ether.” After laurel resting, Browz throws a ...

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