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REVIEW: Gucci Mane, The Cold War: Guccimerica

Gucci Mane The Cold War: Guccimerica Beats: XL Lyrics: L Originality: XL Gucci Mane is an opportunist. After snagging the No. 6 slot on MTV’s 2009 Hottest MCs in the Game list, the Atlanta native capitalizes on the buzz by releasing three mixtapes on the same day. Teaming up with DJs Drama, Scream and Holiday for his Cold War series, the 1017 Brick Squad boss sets things off with the Drama-hosted Guccimerica. Gucci opens the disc with the Killer Mike Mike Bigga and Drake featured “Street Cred,” where the trio keeps the block burning. Fellow Hottest MC Drizzy drops another verse on the sing-songy anthem “In ...

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