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Tiron & Ayomari started out as solo artists who were tearing up the blogosphere independently. After creating the song "What You Waiting On" and seeing the immediate response from their collective fan bases, a dynamic duo was formed. Since then, the collective have been a force in the underground West Coast scene, collaborating with stars like ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and many more. With the re-release of their A Sucker For Pumps LP and new collaborations with Jeremih, Iman Omari, Dream Hampton and a new album on the way, the sky's the limit for the Cali-by way of Illinois natives.--Interview By Christian Mordi

Name: Tiron & Ayomari

Age: Late 20s

Hometown: Ayomari: I was born in Chicago, Illinois. Tiron: I was born in Kankakee, Illinois.

We grew up listening to: Tiron: Stevie Wonder, I didn't listen to too much rap when I was younger. First rap record I bought was "Gin And Juice," then I moved onto guys like Jay Z, Ghostface, etc. Ayomari: I had a fairly young mom and she played a wide range of music when I was growing up. My mom would play anyone from Queen to Tupac, Master P, etc. My brothers put up on Mobb Deep, Nas, UGK early on as well.

Most people don’t know: Ayomari: I was offered a scholarship to the Art Institute but turned it down to move to Cali to pursue music. Tiron: Most people don’t know I used to roller blade on a serious level.

Our styles been compared to: Ayomari: Style-wise I think the way I dress at the moment represents L.A. I think I am more into clothes and fashion then the average person may be. Skill-wise, I have been compared to Andre 3000 in regards to my flow.

Our standout records and/or moments to date have been: Ayomari: “What You Waiting On” was a big record for us. We were releasing our solo stuff in previous years, but this was when we started to work together heavier. It was just us thinking out loud in regards to stop waiting on other people to do what we need to do. We shot the full video of us running in the video in from one angle shot.

Collaborating with Yummy Bingham on “All My Love” for the song and music video was an awesome moment for us as well. I grew up in Georgia and always listened to her music. When we randomly got the chance to work with her after being connected through a mutual friend we knew we jumped on the opportunity. Sometimes when you are a fan of someone you wonder how they will be when you meet them in person and if they will be cool. When we met Yummy she was very cool, down to earth and professional. She came with ideas and it was a very organic experience.

Our goal in Hip-Hop: Tiron: Is to change the game completely. We want to blow the lid off this music game and push the music to the level that it will be in the next 30 years.

We're gonna be the next: Tiron: We don’t want to be the next anything, we want to be the first of a lot of things in regards to music though.

To check out more of our music go to: Follow us on Twitter (@tiron & @ayomari) and check out our website.

Standout: "Her Theme Song" featuring Jeremih

Also check out: "All My Love" featuring Yummy Bingham

And: "What You Waiting On"