The Break Presents: Neff

Working with the likes of Prodigy and Game, this young spitter is aiming to make an impact soon. No pencil, no phone. Just bars.

Standout: “Weight Up”

Also check out: “The Storm” ft. Prodigy

And: “Take A Pic” ft. Game and Tyga

Name: Marshall Deshawn Majors

Age: 19

Hometown: Batavia, N.Y.

I grew up listening to: Jay-Z, Nas and Mobb Deep

Most people don’t know I: Most people don’t know I never write my rhymes. I just listen to the music and record.

My style’s been compared to: A lot of people say I remind them of a young Jay-Z or Nas. Sometimes they say I sound like Cory Gunz, but I disagree.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: My single “Weight Up” getting spins on radio. And getting to perform with one of my favorite artists, Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To continuously get better and have a long-standing career.

I’m gonna be the next: I don’t like to compare myself too much with other rappers. While I have respect for many, I would like to carve my own space.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter @NeffTv1 and check me out on

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  • Lipids

    This guy is absolute trash. He propagates the stereotypical messages of decadent rap; money, bitches, and drugs. No substance to his verses whatsoever. He might have looked up to great rappers and developed a dream of his own, but it is obvious he didn’t develop enough creativity. The fact that he is making music videos and collaborating with well known artists is beyond me.

  • Real Hip Hop Head

    It kills me when people leave comments like the one one below. All this trash music that’s out right now and when someone lyrical comes along it goes right over their heads. I say this because I just got finished listening to his mixtape “Nobody’s Safe” This youngin is the real deal. When I was coming up people respected the the grind instead of hating. We now live in an era where people love to hate. Everytime I see this dude Neff perform or in a video he impresses me. And the fact that he is making songs and videos with well known artists should tell you something. It kind of makes me think Lipids that you are an inspiring artist as well and that’s where the hatred is coming from. If so my advice to you would be get your Money up, Get your Bitches up as propegated in the so called stereotypical message of Neff’s music and you too can live the dream.

  • ATLupinthisbitch

    No Substance! You must be on a substance bitch! Leave the crack alone my dude. We fucks wit Neff in the ATL homie!

  • LuchiedaDon

    This dude killed it on Kay Slay’s radio show. From what I heard he’s spittin hotter than half of these young dudes that’s out right now. Am i missing something?

  • BostonMike357

    I don’t really fuck with the songs that are posted here but his mixtapes sound tuff.