Get familiar with J. Peguero, whose single "Callin" was recently added to MTV's rotation. Representing Brooklyn and Miami, this Dominican Republic-born MC's been catching looks for his radio-ready hooks and versatile flows.

Standout: "Callin'"

Also check out: "Turnt Up" featuring Trina

And: "Drop It"

Name: J. Peguero

Age: An 80's Baby

Hometown: Brooklyn/Miami  (Dominican Born)

I grew up listening to: Jay-Z, Biggie, Kanye, Pharrell, Bachata and Merengue

Most people don't know I: Love ART!  I am an artist in every sense of the word.  I love to create and bring ideas to life through artistic design.

My style has been compared to:  I have been compared by some to Kid Cudi and Drake, for my diverse style and ability to create a story or paint a visual picture through wordplay on my songs.  It’s important to me to constantly evolve as an artist, cultivating my craft on any type of track or beat.  I’m open and always pushing the limits to reach my fans and create new ones in the process.

My standout records and moments to date have been:  I have been at this for a long time, pursuing my musical dream for almost 10 years now.  One of my most notable releases has to be "Callin’" which is out now and taking the world by storm. "Callin’" is a personal favorite of mine, as it not only tells my story, but it tells the story of so many families around the world going through similar situations.  It has been amazing to see the comments by people from every end of the globe and all different walks of life.  To see the posts on how the song has impacted them in a positive way, to understand and put things in a better perspective as it relates to their personal circumstances, makes me feel proud.  Some of my other standout songs are "Turnt Up" featuring Trina, "Go", "Down In My City" and "Blackberry Baby".  One of the biggest standout moments in my career thus far, was turning on MTV and seeing the video for my song "Turnt Up".  It was at that point, seeing it in rotation on TV, that it finally hit me that this journey that I have been on was no longer a dream, but a reality and that I was definitely on the right track.  I was then motivated more than ever to reach higher, dig deeper and push myself harder, in my quest to reach the top!

My goal in Hip-Hop is:  To make an impact on people around the world through my music! To tell a story, reach the people and be dynamic.

I'm gonna be the next: Legendary entertainment icon.

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