The Break Presents: Jabo

This 26-year-old out of Birmingham claims to have the perfect balance of street and conscious content. Get familiar with Jabo…

Standout: “Flex”

Also check out: “Chill”

And: “Make It Work”

Name: Javan Micah Ishman

Age: 26

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

I grew up listening to: Pac, Big, UGK, Nas, Jay-Z, T.I., Jadakiss, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Cash Money, Dipset, Snoop, Joe Budden, Fab…Pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I never discriminated on East Coast, West Coast, or Midwest music. I embraced it all. I listened and learned from all the different forms and genres of hip-hop.

Most people dont know I: Have a college degree. When people think “rapper” they think “uneducated” for some odd reason. What they fail to realize is that a lot of their favorite artists went to college and are well educated.

My style has been compared to: T.I. and Bun B with a little Nas sprinkled in here and there. I have been told that I almost have a perfect balance of street and conscious content. I can go hard on a street record or a club record, but I can also touch the soul on a heartfelt record, or serenade the ladies on a love ballad.

My standout records and moments to date have been: The entire experience. From the grind, to building the buzz and getting confidence, to the stage. Just the whole rise and grind experience, but if I had to pick one, I would say getting a feature from Yo Gotti on my record “Drop” and just getting a chance to meet and work with legends such as Carl Thomas and Slim Thug.

My goal in hip-hop is: To help erase the stereotypes of the art form and the artist. Hip-hop is a very delicate and sophisticated form of music. Even though today it may seem that any and everybody can make a song or post a YouTube video, hip-hop is still a very complex art form and when done with time, thought, consciousness and awareness of how it affects the masses, it can be used to uplift the community and bring attention to issues that are important to it’s consumers. My goal is to touch as many as I can in a positive way through music, and be one of the most respected lyricists from the south.

I’m gonna be the next: I dont know, the next great artist I hope. Just the next guy to leave imprints of greatness in the game at a high level.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @Jaboent and download Alabama Talking 2 on LiveMixtapes.

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  • HotBoy1

    This Nigga is HOOOOTTT!!!

  • “YEEZUS1″

    OH oK from Alabama!!! Im fucking with this nigga!! Turn UP SON!!!

  • The Hater

    The NEXT to Blow From Birmingham Alabama?…shit homie cool..I could hear this on the radio or sum like that……

  • SexyChocolate23

    I like… I like… I could see myself in the videos though lol

  • Brick-no-squad

    Im fucking wit it…. nigga got a nice lil flow. Come collab wit a up north nigga!!! I make hits!

  • The Hater

    But why this dude wasnt in the Freshman Class this year?? C’mon XXL..this guy is like a diamond in the rough..smh

  • Speed Hustle

    JABO ENT goin in for 2013 and beyond! This guys grind has been consistent for some time now…hard work, passion, loyalty, and be humble goes a long way! …big s/o to XXL for this feature! #BHAM205 #CGE #BAMA #SpeedHustle WorldWide!

  • Philly Ninja

    Agree with The Hater – he should have been in the Freshman Class – dude could spit and the beat is hot on that Flex yawn.

  • TD

    Listening to this Jabo and Yo Gotti “DROP” right now! Come on XXL this is what the people need to hear!

  • Marcus101

    I can respect this cuz gotta nice lil fflow…

  • RhiannaMonroe

    He cute! He can rap good too! #ilike

  • KhalifaManChieffaMan

    I just smoked a whole blunt to that Chill video, them chicks was bad, homie rode the beat too.

  • TayDaRapper

    He Aight…

  • RollTideFan15


  • Gump Town Soldier

    Bama on the map we got Doe B-Tabios Tate and this dude Jabo yall keep grindin sumbody gon blow

  • #IknowHipHop

    Sumbody get dis dude a deal! oh but Trinidad got 2mil? f**k wrong wit deez labels!

  • Tommy G

    saw this dude at SXSW this year keep grinding mane!

  • BridgingDaGap1

    From reading looks like he had alot of East hip hop influence. I can appreciate a southerner paying homage to the Eastcoast. Im rockin wit this guy..

  • Sexii Girl 205

    Wow! Dude is Fine!

  • Cali Swag Uno

    Cuz need to flood the west coast!

  • Fulton County Shawty

    This nigga look like a young clean Guwop! LOL ..hey but aint Gucci from Birmingham too!? shit they might be cousins RNS!

  • 404 MoB

    I saw this man and Doe B do a video together on youtube “salute” I think its called! TI shouldve picked up both of these niggas outta Bama…the vid I saw of them 2 was on point. #404MobAllDay

  • Yung Rich Gang

    this straight nothing spectacular, i need to hear more ijs

  • Savage Life 504

    I been on round shit since “Kush Muzik” he went in at Family Day at the Park in Columbus GA about 2 yearz ago, I saw him when I was with Youngest 1′s outta N.O. keep goin brudda!

  • VegasNights

    He should do sum wit Dizzy Wright! Vegas to Alabama Connection! XXL make that happen!

  • 2hot2handle

    My nigga Jabo! He put on a show at SXSW this year. Wish u nothing but the best fam.

  • #InANewYorkMinute

    Son got a mixtape with Green Lantern? what the fuck? New York niggas cant even pull that off too often. Hats off to that.

  • Malik

    seen dis nigga on Worldstar a few times.Good to c he gettin some shyne.

  • Larry Gotti

    I thought Rich Boy was the Alabama Savior!

    • The Hater

      this nigga tight too though…Rich Boy better watch out! #Icame2hatebutImAFan

      • Larry Gotti

        yea he aight im gonna have to go download his mixtapes and see wats really good.

  • BringHipHopBack

    He Bringin it back. The flex joint aight, but that chill joint is a laid back masterpiece,keep grindin young buck

  • Nic

    Good shit bro… I fux witcha!!!!

  • Bubba

    205 Get Live!

  • Jay Hova

    Im on the fence I dunno Ive heard better I guess. But Ive heard way worse in the game. Fuck it he get a pass he from Ala, and can rhyme a little, he decent I guess.

    • The Hater

      Man quit hating! This nigga can Go..I just downloaded the mixtape the shit straight!

  • Rozay P

    So you mean to tell me this nigga got a Lambo in the hood. Get that rented shit out of here lol. Good Song though “Im on flex!!!”

    • Bubba

      Nigga dont worry about if the lamb rented or not he still was whippin it thru one of the baddest neighborhood on the west side of Birmingham. Where yo punk ass wouldnt dare go! and he really from there nigga! like I said 205 Get Live! We got ya back JABO keep pushing cuz!

      • Rozay P

        Whoa lil homie calm down I said the nigga song was good this 305 miami dade county right here and we dont back down from none. We on the first48 just Birmingham on the first 48.Dont get it twisted homie its respect and all love. The nigga Jabo Cold. That lamb still rented though!LOL

        • Bubba

          what eva “Rozay P” u just a hater nigga I hope my nigga Jabo pull up on you and yo main bitch in a Lambo chump! lol its all respect though nigga #205shit

          • Rozay P

            Nigga how u gon say some disrespectful shit and then say “its all respect” u worldstar/internet gangsters are really something lol I said the homie decent man what u want me to say when a nigga in a $250,000 in the fucking slums? the car cost more than every house on the street! Combined! lol It just made sense to assume it was rented because I know this young man has enough common sense to move his family out the hood before buying or leasing a 250,000 dollar car. I just makes sense not hating just being rational. Yung as nigga @3111d4b0295c8015d384b3f4b4028d2a:disqus

          • Bubba

            Whateva u hating OLD ass nigga! Lol and wtf all them numbers at the end for? I done with u old niggas hating JABO dat nigga B!

          • Rozay P

            Aight young nigga and I was tryna @ yo bitch ass and them numbers just popped up! LOL yea Jabo straight but its lil niggas like you who be getting rappers in trouble talking all this G shit.LOL just live let Jabo rap and have fun nigga. I respect u having his back though do you actually know him?

          • Bubba

            yeah well nah I mean I met him and seen him out a few times way back in the day like before he was rapping. He used to be at the skating rink and everywhere else all around the city especially the clubs and stuff he ran with some boys I think they was called FTH or sum like dat they used to be fighting and shit!LOL thats how I know this nigga official I done seen him out and about.

          • Rozay

            Oh I thought u know the nigga foreal like hung with him and stuff. Get off his Dick nigga! LOL he go in though

  • Mike G

    Dopest nigga too do it! Let the man live his life! Im rocking with it!