This 25-year-old producer/rapper out of Long Beach has already made a name for himself producing for the likes of Kid Cudi and Troy Ave. But Marcè Reason insists his best is yet to come. Get familiar.

Standout: "Weston" ft. Dusty Roze

Also check out: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

And: "Brighton Beach"

Name: Marcè Reazon

Age: 25

Hometown: Long Beach, California. Born and raised.

I grew up listening to: E-40, Mac Dre and many other West coast artists.

My style has been compared to: I don't want to say my style is compared to anyone. We all make music. Its like playing the game of chess. There are different ways of winning, and it's all about how you play the game personally. I don't really like to be compared, because I have a unique style and wave to my music. Style wise, I pull my influences more from high-fashion. A lot more conservative, GQ.

My standout records have been: I feel like my life accomplishments at times overshadow my music. I can talk about “Maniacs” which I produced for Kid Cudi on “Man On The Moon II” or “Viking” with Troy Ave, but I am still progressing and getting better. I have yet to make my best record or peak yet. The records I am making now are all good, decent or great, but I don't feel like I have gotten to a point in my career where I can be like “these are my greatest records I have rapped, produced or mixed and mastered.” Its coming soon though.

I'd like to work with: Robert Smith from “The Cure.” He is a great guitarist and vocalist. He's truly amazing because he can bring a gothic dark sound to records. I would also like to work with Ryan Leslie and Kanye West and create music. I am really open to work with anyone who is up and coming and has potential to do something big. On the production side, Hi-Tek and 9th Wonder would be great.

My goal in hip-hop is: To bring music that people want to hear. Bring them that content, hard hitting 808's. Stuff they want to party to one night and make love to the next. Everything else comes with time.

I'm gonna be the next: Me. If there is anyone I am going to be the next of, its a more evolved version of myself.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @MarceReazon