Standout: "Swtich"

Also Check Out: "Lil Kim"

And: "Dear Father"

Name:  3D Na'Tee

Age:  25, no Karlie Redd.... Im really 25.

Reppin': [Uptown] New Orleans, LA

I've been rapping since:  I recorded my first song at 10 years old but I've been rapping as early as 7. Hoda Kotb from the Today Show used to be a reporter for a local news station called WWL in New Orleans back when I was in the 2nd grade. I remember her coming to my elementary school to do some type of story on education. Her and her cameraman was shooting b-roll footage in my class and my teacher had me rap for them. They ended up using the footage of me rapping at the end of her story as the credits rolled. I mean, a lot of sh*t's changed since then. Especially my content matter, but I've been doing this since way back.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Comparisons are weird. After seeing my video for a record called 'Switch' Timbaland flew me to Miami to work with him. When I arrived, I played him a song called 'Dear Father' that I wrote about my father's suicide. After just hearing two records, he said, 'You are the best f*cking rapper on the planet!!!!' This is a man who has worked with damn near every artist under the sun and he said that about me. Just the other day on Shade45's Sway in the Morning, Sway, HeatherB, Rich Nice, and Shaheem Reid had Twista on the show. They played a record called 'Hi Industry' off my latest project, The Coronation. Twista said,"that chick is cold!!! I can tell she listens to me and my flow sort of influenced her," which is not the case. I spoke with Eric Sermon two months ago and he called me the female Nas. I spoke with MC Lyte in May and she said I will be one of the greats. Im saying all that to say, I've lyrically been compared to some of the greatest artist in the game by some of the greatest artist in the game. I appreciate the comparisons, but I don't make music just to be compared with others. Sh*ts deeper than that for me. I just want to make incomparably great music.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My standout records definitely have to be: They were all directed and edited by me besides Lil Kim which was shot by Charley Mac. Some of my standout moments have been being offered deals by 2 of the biggest labels in the game. Working with Timbaland and having his team offer me a deal. I've been featured on MTV's SuckaFree Freestyle, in The Source Magazine, Fader Magazine, Rap Radar, Hip Hop Weekly, and a host of other sites. I've won 'Lyricist of the Year,' 'Female Artist of the Year,' 'Video of The Year,' and 'Mixtape of the Year' at the Nola HipHop Awards. I've been flown to NYC to do and been featured on one of Shade45's most popular shows, The Gomez Brothers. The Source mentions me as one of the top 3 female artist of 2012. I mean, there's tons of other things and while to some, doing all of these things may seem like just another task for an artist to complete, I've done them all with no management, publicist, and major backing. So to me, especially coming from where I come from and going through what I have, these are all standout moments.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m going to change the game simply because in 2012, I cant name any rapper who possesses the ability to get on a track and be completely unfiltered yet, at the same still be lyrically nice. Im witty, entertaining, humorous at times, but most importantly, Im always passionate. Now days, rappers seem like they've all been manufactured by the same lame distributors. They don't have a passion for it anymore. The radio stations sound like they're playing one long song. I've been told time and time again that I have a quality that makes me relatable. Im not just another female rapper talking about how good her p**y is and how she can take a man's money. Its obvious that when I talk about some of my life's experiences, like my parent's drug addictions,  my father's suicide, the years I was selling drugs and getting arrested, I really mean it. You can tell Im not just a female rapper saying these things so I can get respect or fit in with the boys. Yet, Im not lesbian. Im feminine as can be. I carry myself like a lady. It just so happens that my bars be compared to the boys lyrically. So Im going to change the way that people view female artist. Sh*t im going to change the way that they view artist period. We all aren't here just to pop bottles, make it rain, and get a chain.

I’d Like to Work With: I'd love to work with Nas, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, or Beyonce. Biggie was my favorite rapper period so I would of loved to collaborate with him. I mean, I'd work with anybody that's hot though.

My goal in hip-hop is: I have a few goals that I'd like to reach as far as hip hop is concerned. My goal is to make these rappers quit being afraid of who they are. I want to prove to the industry that females artist's only way into the game isn't just sucking off CEO's to get the invaluable 'first lady' title. Im much more valuable than that. My goal is to bring back that feeling you got when your favorite artist was dropping an album. That feeling that made yo play that album constantly like it was the soundtrack to your life. Besides that, Im also starting an organization to give back to the area of New Orleans where I grew up. Like I said before, I use to hustle in those same streets, so I owe it to them to give back. Im not nearly as paid as I would like to be but even at this state in my career, I've organized an event along with a few great humanitarians from my city's surrounding areas like Stephanie Weatherstrand and Michelle Willcox, where I'll have some of the Saints players come Uptown, give out free food, drinks, and talk to the kids. I mean, of course I still talk that street sh*t because I cant change that. That is apart of who I am. That's what I related to as a kid, so hopefully some kid will relate to me yet see how I'm doing better through my actions.

I’m gonna be the next: Nah, im going to be the first... Im going to be the first female artist that you've ever put in your list of top five rappers of all time. KnoDat...

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