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Name Vinny Cha$e

Age: 25

Reppin': Harlem, NY

I've been rapping since: December 2010

My stye and or skills have been compared to: My rapping style hasn't really been compared to anyone in the game yet, some people like saying I sound like an early Jay-Z or Nas, but I think I sound like a modern day CHA$E.

My stand out moments and records have been: 2011 SXSW records like "URBANOUTFITTER" starring Marc Jacobs in the video. My mixtapes Survival Of The SwaG, The Plaza and GoldenArmy. Selling out S.O.B's with SpaceGhostPurrp, DoubleCupCity with Soulja Boy, new moments are being made as we speak.

I'm gonna change the game by: Bringing a fresher perspective on the modern day hip-hop game. Truly involving the world of fashion, art and film in hip-hop in a way that everyone can respect and understand. Attention to detail and connecting with my supporters in new ways.

I'd like to work with: Creative artists. Not only in music but in fashion, art and design all across the board.

My goal in hip hop is: To make a lasting impression in the game. Not just to be hot for the moment, I'm here to move people and expose them to a better class of rap stars in this modern time. Think of it as a style, continuous modern art music.

I'm gonna be the next:I'm not gonna be the next anyone, I'll be the first me.

To check out more of my music and videos go to: @vinnychasenyc,, and YouTube: VinnyCha$e