The Break Presents: ANTHM

Standout: “Fortuna”

Also Check Out: “Manhattan”

And: “God of Joy”


Age: 26

Reppin’: I’m from all over: an Ethiopian born in Russia, lived in Germany, spent time in Dallas, TX, grew up in the DMV area, and have lived in Manhattan for the past 6 years.

My styles and/or skills have been compared to: Most of the comparisons to date are driven by people listening to When We Were Kings, which was a street tape I made as an ode to 90′s hip hop. I’ve drawn comparisons to Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Cole, Lupe. Since WWWK, my releases have had a different sound. I think perceptions will continue to evolve with my next project, Joy & Pain. [My standout tracks are]: 1.”Polaris” 2 “Life Imitates Art” 3. “Stolen Whips” ft. Black Rob. A [memorable] moment: Performing at S.O.B.’s 30th Anniversary Showcase at SXSW; Blu came out and performed “Polaris” with me. Rocking a show at Swarthmore recently, small school in Pennsylvania and seeing people in the audience who knew all the words to my songs.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m going to change the game by being one of the nicest emcees lyrically, while always being able to span a wide range of sounds to make really good music. All of the music I release will sound good and it will be lyrical.

I’d Like to Work With: Timbaland + Missy. 50 Cent. Beanie Sigel. AZ. Redman. Pete Rock, Exile, Clams Casino.

My goal in hip hop is: to leave behind an undeniable catalogue that is as consistent in quality as it is impressive in artistic range.
I’m gonna be the next: I’m not the next anyone, but artistically, I hope to follow in the footsteps of Kanye West and Andre 3000 because they continue to explore and experiment with different sounds, but the end result is always dope. In terms of career progression, I respect Wiz’s path with regards to crafting his identity and building out his fanbase independently before linking with a machine to take it to the superstar level.

To check out more of my music go to:

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  • hiphoprock

    dude is another level lyrically. that “When We Were Kings” tape is cray

  • REcessitaTE

    Holy shit! This dude is seriously demolishing it.

  • damien

    only a matter of time

  • hollywood

    damn, liked all three of these joints. they actually got progressively better. god of joy is a nice lil’ summer jam

  • Aye

    Definately Guna be watching this cat . I love the fact he aint just another nigga rapping. Good . He looks like another Logic, but personally, logic is falling oof little by little. To much about race. But Anthm, Ok, well see.

  • ju

    sounds waaayyy too much like kendrick lamar

    • haz

      really? not even close bro.. u listening to something different

  • tdon

    been following this cat on 2dopeboyz for a lil while now. pretty nice, good look for him

  • whatitdontdo

    been waiting for the joy and pain tape to come out for the past 9 months! Was a big fan of that animated video for joy and pain you had out… that shit was cray.

  • Eynak

    Fuck this old ass nigga. Get Reconcile on the Break.

  • Tope Olaleye

    wack . get Aye Intel on the muthafuckin break nigga !

  • bkrepresenta

    i’m always curious when people plug artists in an original post about another artist so I wnet and listened to Aye Intel – he’s mildly retarded and certainly trash – so Tope Olaleye I assume you’re an idiot and probably a weed carrier. Reconcile – I couldn’t understand him – Eynak, can you interpret the $hit I was listening to on his site, all I could make out was that it was mildly religious in nature. either way, the dude featured is way better. if you’re gonna knock him, at least recommend a non-trash rapper in his place. dckheads