The Break Presents: Kae Hock

Standout: “Dreamer/I Want the World”

Also Check Out: “Be Cool” ft. Mike Jaggerr

And: “Let’s Chill” ft. Brent Best & Asia B

Name: KAE Hock aka Hockaday.  KAE Hock is simply an abbreviation of my Gov.  Nothin’ made up, that’s what they call me. I just made it a NAME.

Age: 27

Reppin’: Newark, Delaware

I’ve Been Rapping Since: Age 9.  This is the reason I am so proficient! My father owned a record store in Plainfield, NJ.  We were neighbors to P Funk.  I was born into music.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: When I was younger, I was frequently compared to Nas.  But its been some years since I’ve drawn a musical comparison from my fans, or anyone else for that matter.  People often put me in the Kanye and J Cole box tho.  But as any artist should feel, I hate being compared to anybody.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Performing side by side with Talib Kweli has always been one of my standout moments.  Now every time I drop new music its a standout moment.  Each of my projects, for me, represents a certain time period in my life, whether struggle or success.

I’m gonna change the game by: Re-injecting the Soul, Lyricism, and Content of the 90′s, but with a vicious Mayan calendar End of the World flow!  Also by showing the world that when someone wont do something for you, you have to do it yourself. Additionally, I will be a real person in an industry full of potential oscar nominees.  Im not going to bite my tongue for anyone.

I’d Like to Work With: Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Jill Scott, The Roots, I feel would all make for dope collaborations with KAE Hock.  But I enjoy doing music with people who are talented, so i’m down to work with alot of folks. I love to collaborate.  Except on my albums… I personally prefer to keep features minimal on my albums.  My next album, “1738″ will hold true to that.

My goal in hip-hop is: 1. To release music that fans of all genre’s can unanimously consider classic. 2.  To get rich as phucc.  3.  To be considered artistically by many fans to be “The Best.” I dont really care about the sales. 4.  Who the hell am I kidding I want to sell hella records.

I’m gonna be the next: I am unquestionably going to be the Next KAE Hock.  I dont aspire to be like any artist.  I admire what alot of artist have done artistically and professionally (Dre, Nas, Jay, 50, Eminem, Wayne to name a few) But I believe that hip hop is still a relatively young genre, and there are plenty of new milestones for us to reach as a culture.  I am going to set the stage for the next KAE Hock tho.  Just as artist such as Rakim, KRS – One, Big Daddy Kane, and others set the stage for the artist that I mentioned earlier.

To check out more of my music go to: (Twitter, Facebook, Webpage, Tumblr, and/or etc.)WWW.KAEHOCK.COM.  My entire catalog of music and videos is there.  The Best of Hocktober mixtape is the latest body of work there.  There are also links to all of my other socials networks.  Follow me on twitter: @kaehock Facebook:

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  • Steeve Sam

    cheers King the true artists shall soon lead this new creative revolution

  • Uptown Rico

    That’s what I’m talking about make sure ya’ll support good music and get behind this man !!!

  • Bunn Deezal

    That’s what it is my G

  • Kelly B of Vivienne Kelly

    Yay!! Amazing!

  • Chill Mrkeepreal

    I’m a host on “Live In The Cipha” show and I’m a fan of Kae Hock! Hock has “it”! What is”it”? That is what some people are just born with. He oozes with Hip Hop! The ability to EMCEE comes to him as walking does to everyone else! Check this brother out! If you don’t now you will when he is EVERYWHERE! The next big thing, KAE HOCK!!!

  • monsta

    Kae hock is ready 4 the spotlight…he’s on deck…

  • Kazi Jones

    Make Sure y’all Support this crazy talented artist Kae Hock!!! He is the Future of Hip-Hop!!! Its GameTime Babyyyy!!!

  • Dennis

    This guy is talented.

  • TH1CK

    This guy can definitely flow. I listened to a few of his mix tapes on his website “.5″ and this cut called “Look At You” was straight fire. The kinda cut I want to hear in the club on some brown liquour. This kid oughtta blow, for real.

  • Dat Nigga Ro

    Real Artist…I fux wit it

  • KayeM

    real music… listen up people!!!

  • T money bags

    One step closer to success. Keep it going! This kind of music is needed in the game

  • Liz and Lenzie

    Go Hock! Hurry and come visit us :)

  • L.O.Y.A.L.E.

    302 put it down!! From artist to artist, keep doing your thing man. SUSSEX COUNTY WARRIORS/SCG’s.



  • Ill Brovaz

    Hip Hop Upgrade = Kae Hock.. Do the Math.

  • Quan

    Dope shit…real ass song…


    The TALENT is there Homie….Looking forward to hearing the new project…Expecting big things in the near future…..


    The TALENT is there Homie…..Looking forward to hearing the new project….

  • Uptown Rico

    Its DOPE to see hard work pay off and KAE HOCK has not only put in WORK but this BROTHER talented #SALUTE to him !!!

  • Eas

    Solid record, can’t wait for XXL to feature more of his music.

  • Steve Garry

    Skillful lyrics, banging beat. This is the type of hip hop I enjoy.